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Apache Knife Foundation 501c3

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Chiricahua Apache Nation for Pow Wow Lands

Robert Redfeather, Secretary of the Interior for the Chiricahua Apache Nation. Raising funds for the Chiricahua Apache Nation in New Mexico.   The fund raising for the Chiricahua Apache Nation would go directly to the development of the Pow Wow lands at Fort Bayard (the old hospital grounds). They would be used to defray the ongoing expenses in that development effort, including: 1.Offsetting the cost of the geological land survey ($4000). 2.Continued work with Santa Clara to provide whatever inspections, surveys and anything else needed to get the project to a place where the development can begin. The current effort is focused on the dance grounds. 3.Immediate plans and money will be for Pow Wow dance grounds, seating, bleachers, and handicap access and paths. 4.Future plans (and money) are to use and expand the Pow Wow grounds for an Indian market.

5.The Apache Knife Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Gifts to the Chiricahua Apache Nation and are tax deductible as a Charitable Donation. The EIN of the Apache knife Foundation A Non-Profit 501c3 is. EIN: 88-4129140

Profits from purchases of Apache Coffee go to the Apache Knife Foundation which is a 501c3. As such, all purchases of $50.00 and over are tax - deductible as a charitable donation. The Apache Knife Foundation's purpose is education and charity for the Chiricahua Nation.

Apache Coffee™ Owned by Robert Redfeather  (714) 886-7283 is a registered tribal Member of The Chiricahua Apache Nation.

Apache Coffee™ and we are proud to be New Members of American Indian Foods Intertribal Agriculture Council. American Indian foods Intertribal Agriculture Council


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