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Our purpose is educational, religious, and charitable. Apache Knife Foundation is organized to (1) promote Knowledge, Culture and Spirit among the Chiricahua Apache People and those interested in learning their ways, (2) this would include Apache Knife Combat, Apache Scouts Tracking School, The Martial Arts History Museum, etc. (3) Apache Coffee™ and work towards a permanent location on the Chiricahua Reservation.

The Apache Knife Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Gifts to the Chiricahua Apache Nation and are tax deductible as a Charitable Donation.
The EIN of the Apache knife Foundation is 88-4129140

Apache Coffee™ Owned by Robert Redfeather  (714) 886-7283 is a registered tribal Member of The Chiricahua Apache Nation.

Apache Coffee™ and we are proud to be New Members of American Indian Foods Intertribal Agriculture Council. American Indian foods Intertribal Agriculture Council


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